Cultural Essay a Gift from Childhood: Memories of an African Boyhood.

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the book A Gift From Childhood: Memories of an African Boyhood. This book was about a boy named Baba Wagué Diakité and his life story. Its set in Mali, West Africa in a village named Kassaro. Baba lives with his grandparents and learns many traits from them such as how to catch catfish with his bare hands. This culture he’s growing up in has helped shape his life because he learns all of the things he knows from his grandparents and the people in his village and learns to live his life such as they do. So when he goes to school in the city where his family lives he is struck by the differences between his village life and his new life in the city. His stories from his boyhood that he tells at school are much different from the other kids because he grew up in a different culture then them where he learned different ways of living and experienced different things. When Baba moves to America in his adulthood he starts a new life learning a new societies culture which is different from his culture he learned in Africa because in America they have different ways of living, such as running water, which they didn’t have in his home village they had to go down to the river and collect water in buckets to use in the village. Babas culture he learns in Africa is not the same as that of ours we’ve learned here. This is easily noticeable in the story because of they way they do things. One example of this in the story is the ceremony they have for boys who are being circumcised where they have them go away to a cabin in which they stay until the night of the ceremony and then go back to for another 4 weeks during the healing process. This is just one example from the book that shows our cultures are different but it just proves that the culture you grow up in shapes your life and how you live

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