Cultural Encounters Essay

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Cultural encounters played a highly influential role in the development of history, contributing to the many great rapid changes of countries and the rate of these transformations. During the 16th and 17th centuries, expeditions to the Americas and Asia reached to their apex and there was an increasing number of encounters between the Europeans and the newly discovered peoples. These explorers traveled for different purposes, mostly to seek for wealth and power, to establish trades and to spread their religions and beliefs. A lot of these encounters did not turn out in a friendly way as people expected. Difference in beliefs, misunderstandings, and avarice all contributed to the many conflicts that occurred during the encounters, at some occasions even leading to the emergence of brutality and hostility. A major issue that arose during the interaction was religion. Each country or tribe usually had its own faith and set of standards for human values. It is almost unavoidable that some disagreements would occur between the followers of different religions. A group of Canadian missionary priests called The Black Robes traveled to the Americas around the beginning of the 17th century to replace the paganism of the native region with their own faith-Christianity. Evidently, their desire to get rid of the religion of the native region and replace it with theirs was due to their disagreement of the nature of paganism. When a priest was teaching the Algonquians about afterlife, he told them there was no need for anything in heaven, no food, clothing whatsoever. One of the surprised Algonquians asked, ‘No women?’, and the priest answered that one would be happy as long as one was with God. The native Indians found this belief to be very strange. They also considered the Christians’ belief in pureness and refusal of marriage and sexual interaction with women to be of evil
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