Cultural Diversity Project

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cultural diversity project The delivery of culturally responsive, equitable service is a core expectation of department programs and funded agencies. The Department of Human Services Cultural Diversity guide can assist this responsibility by: · identifying a range of available strategies to improve cultural responsiveness and levers to effect cultural change, recognising that no single strategy suits every program and agency and there are many different pathways to equitable high quality service provision. · illustrating the different strategies and levers with examples of good multicultural practice that already occurs across the human services system. · providing guidance on additional resources and supports for programs and agencies in managing for diversity. there are many different ways that cultural diversity…show more content…
· Understand the importance of appropriate communication[->0]. Cultural Awareness An essential skill in the provision of culturally appropriate services, cultural awareness entails an understanding of how a person's culture may inform their values, behaviour, beliefs and basic assumptions. Cultural awareness recognises that we are all shaped by our cultural background, which influences how we interpret the world around us, perceive ourselves and relate to other people. You don't need to be an expert in every culture or have all the answers to be culturally aware; rather, cultural awareness helps you to explore cultural issues with your care recipients more sensitively. Information about specific cultural practices will help to increase your cultural knowledge by providing an overview of cultural characteristics and issues. However, it is always important to identify individual needs and preferences and remember that no individual can be reduced to a set of cultural
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