Cultural Diversity Essay

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What is Australian culture? Ask the average person in the Street and they would respond with phrases such as “the lucky country, mateship, dinki-di, hard-working, sense of humour and very sporty.” One cannot say they are wrong. Who could ever forget the classic jingle “football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars, played adnauseum on the local radio station? Paul Hogan or Hoges as we like to call him threw a lot of shrimps on the barby, and those beer commercials are constantly churned out, even to this day. To many Australians this is certainly what they perceive as their culture. But what about migrants who have come to Australia? Do they perceive themselves as “typical Aussies or do they try and maintain as much cultural heritage from their homeland? Should they have to assimilate into Australian society by tossing away their lei replacing it with a Manly Sea Eagles scarf, or their sporran for a rodeo rider’s belt buckle? Will they succumb to the pressure of “You’re in our country now, act like us or onya bike” attitude that exists in Australian’s psyche. Spare a though for the Aboriginal High School student who is caught in the middle of two cultures, has been labelled a half-caste, does not know his true identity. Is he an Aussie or “just another black fella” as typically seen by Australia’s racist majority? In this assignment I will attempt to answer the above-mentioned question. I will also discuss the concept of culture and arrive at my own definition. Changes in Australian culture due to multiculturalism and assimilation will also be examined. My autobiography will focus on the major factors that shaped my culture, identity and educational experiences as an Aboriginal person. I will conclude by commenting on how my life history analysis has influenced my identity as a teacher. Culture is indeed a complex term. Schusky and Culbert

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