Cultural Diversity Essay

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According to ( there are 6000 communities and various languages are spoken in this world. As a result, vision; values, beliefs, practice and expression differ but they all must be equally respected. The International Migration Report (2002) of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs stated that every year since 1970s, the number of migrants has increased. Around 175 millions of people decided to move from their original country and one in every ten persons in the developed regions is a migrant. Therefore the workforce also becomes more diverse than ever. Based on the fact above, it can be seen that diversity has been a fact and reality nowadays that everyone have to face. It is inevitable and it is almost impossible to get away from the fact the diversity is happening. Instead of running away from it, it is better to adapt and to look for the best and the most suitable way of handling diversity. For organisation, it is important to make sure that diversity is satisfied. In a multicultural country such as the US or Australia where its population is diverse, in the organisation, the employees are most likely to be diverse. The customers are most likely to be diverse as well. Furthermore, a multinational organisation has to give service as well as it can to customer through out the world according to where it has branches on. So, for an organisation to run smoothly, it is important to consider diversity in every step of its way, especially for multinational organisations or for organisations in a multicultural country. The organisations need to ensure that customers from all kind of race, age, sex, ethnic, and social can be satisfied by the service of the organisations. Almost all organisations have managers. They are the main leader in organisations. They take part on almost every decision making in organisations.

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