Cultural Diversity Essay

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I define race and ethnicity as who we are born to be. A dictionary may define these two terms differently but I look at them as starting point that identifies who we are as a person and connects us with a much larger group of people. While you can be raised by a family of a different race or ethnicity then what you are, your own race and ethnicity is something you will always have and something you can always relate to no matter how you are raised. My personal opinion is that our race and ethnicity is something that gives us an identity before we create one for ourselves, and something that we build off of when creating our own identity. Our race and ethnicity helps define our moral compass and is something that will never change no matter what you go through in life, your race and ethnicity will always be there behind you. These concepts are important in our society because they help create the diverse nation that we have. Everyone comes from a different background, has different moral beliefs and thoughts. When we bring that all together it gives us a stronger background then a lot of countries that don’t have such a “melting pot” of backgrounds and coulters. The wide diversity of races and ethnicities that we have in the United States gives us a strong foundation of understanding and community that a lot of other countries do not have because they simply don’t have the mixture that we

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