Cultural Diffusion Essay

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Coleen De Lanoy Global 1 2/19/14 Individuals: Making a Difference Throughout history explorations have influenced society in numerous ways. One way is through cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion by definition is the process of spreading ideas, social values, or cultural beliefs to different ethnicities, religions, and nationalities. Though they may be from a different time peiod, the contrbutions from Marco Polo, Zheng He and Ibn Battuta have played a key role in cultural diffusion. For starters, Marco Polo(1254 – 1324) was a italian merchant traveler from Venice. Whose travel to Asia lasted him 24yrs. In which he traveled farther then anyother predecessors, beyond Mongolia to China. On this long lasting journey he became a confidant of Kublai Khan, Mongolian Emperor of China who established theYuan Dynasty (1214-1294). Thus he was appointed to high posts in his administration, and served in Kahns court. In addittion he was sent on a number of special missions in China, Burma and India. During these times Marco went on great lengths to describe Kublia's capital, ceremonies, hunting and public assistance. Once he had returned back home to venince he dictated the story of his travels, known in his time as The Description of the World or The Travels of Marco Polo. In which he described his account the wealth of Cathay (China), the might of the Mongol empire, and the exotic customs of India and Africa. His stroy of his travles captivated thousands of people for centuries. Manuscript editions of his work ran into the hundreds within a century after his death. The book was recognized as the most important account of the world outside Europe that was available at the time. Today there are more than 80 manuscript copies in various versions and several languages around the world. Thus inspireing future explorers, such as Christopher Columbus and Bento

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