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Cultural Differences on Work Goals Essay

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Cultural Differences on Work Goals
Table of Contents
  1.1 Background of the Study 5
  1.2 Purpose of the Research 6
  1.3 Aims and Objectives of the Research 6
  1.4 Research Questions 7
  1.5 Scope and Significance of the Study 7
  1.6 Outline of the Study 8
  1.7 Limitations of the Study 9
  2.1 Cultural differences in Organizations 10
  2.2 Management and Cultural Diversity 11
  2.3 Brighter side of Cultural Diversity in an Organization 12
  2.4 Darker Side of Cultural Diversity 13
  2.5 Advantages of the Diversified Organizations 14
      2.5.1 Cultural Differences 15
  2.6 Achievement Goal Theory 16
  2.7 Relationship of Cultural Diversity with Goals 17
  2.8 Management and Cultural Diversity 18
  2.9 Various Dimensions of Cultural Differences 19
  2.10 Role of Human Resource Managers 22
  2.11 Valuing and Utilizing Cultural Differences 23
      2.11.1 Conduct an Organizational Audit 23
      2.11.2 Assess the Pulse of the Company 23
      2.11.3 Establish and Communicate Clear Performance Standards 23
      2.11.4 Practice of Continuous Feedback 24
      2.11.5 Abstain From Replicating 24
References 25


1.1 Background of the Study
      Culture is a vital matter that could be illustrated and characterized in number of ways. Regardless, culture refers to the man’s medium that structures the human life of a single person. Consequently, there is not one part of human life that is not touched and modified by culture. This means psyche; how individuals communicate, the way they consider, how they move, how issues are settled, how their authorities are arranged and laid out, and additionally how monetary and government frameworks are assembled and capacity.
Culture is besides, by Chartrand, Huber, Shiv & Tanner (2008), characterized as the values that are shared and describe a social order and lie underneath its clothes, arts...

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