Cultural Differences: Let's Break a Deal

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1. I think it was a failure, because Michael did not get prepared to meet his client and was kind of rushing into the deal. He gave Norio a lot of pressure to sign the contract and had difficulty reading the needs of his prospective client. That’s why he did not reach his objectives of this meeting. 2. First mistake is that he did not prepare enough for this short meeting with Norio, and he just rushed into the signing the contract part. Second one is that he did not sense what his client wanted and obviously had a difficulty to understand cultural differences. 3. I think Norio thought the company he cooperated with was not respectful for their meeting, because he sent out some messages to Michael about missing predecessor Roger was disturbing and the duration of the meeting was only five minutes. 4. (a) Accurate. He was not sure that there was a communication problem or cultural differences, he was trying to moderate the atmosphere and asked why he was not ready to sign the contract. For the future cooperation between those two companies, he needs to know what problem really was in order to find a right tactic. 5. (a) There is competition. When he said that, he was indicating that there is competition and other clients would like spending time with him to try to get the deal done. He was saying that they changing the executive without telling him and scheduled such a short time to deal with him did not show any sincerity. Maybe Norio just wanted the deal was off. 6. I think Michael should be the one changing the interaction style, because he wants the contract was successfully executed. He needs to learn how to promote the relationship with other foreign companies with a better understanding of cultural

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