Cultural Differences Between Soccer And Cubans Choose Playing Soccer

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My research shows to people who are Mexican prefer Playing soccer and Cubans prefer playing baseball. It doesn’t matter what your culture is, you might like some other sport over that one but your culture will mainly be playing that sport. But a majority of that culture will usually at least like the sport, if not think it’s the best sport. The first person I interviewed was one of my dad’s friends who is Mexican. He is 46 years old but still loves playing soccer. He says he usually doesn’t have time to play on the weekdays but he tries his hardest to play all weekend long. He likes to play with other people on his county’s soccer team. He says that he’s one of the best. The second person I interviewed was a friend of mine; he’s Cuban and he looooves to play baseball. He always talks about it and can sometimes go for hours talking on that one conversation. He’s 23 years old and he plays almost every day on a team that he’s on. He goes to practice every day, if not he gets a few of his friends to go out to a park so they can get a baseball game going.…show more content…
He was 32 years old and he was Puerto Rican and he liked to play both soccer and baseball. He goes to a local park every weekend with some of his family and they either get a game of soccer or baseball going. Sometimes they play both of those sports. My research showed that people tend to play sports according to their culture. On few occasions they might go against it because they either don’t like the sport or don’t like the rules of the game. People tend to like the sport because everyone they grew up with liked that some

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