Cultural Differences Essay

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Week 3 Cultural Differences-Driving Miss Daisy COM/360 October 22, 2012 Abstract The generation now consists of different cultures interacting with each other. Not all the different cultures will get along or know how to talk amongst each other. As I watched the movie “Driving Miss Daisy”, I noticed the way people are in the south. This is not necessiraly a bad thing but the way everyone talks to each and the personal views they have of each other are very different from living up north or any other state for that matter. Week 3 Cultural Differences-Driving Miss Daisy The movie “Driving Miss Daisy” starts in the state of Georgia during the 1950’s. This movie is about a white rich woman who is unable to drive on her own and now needs a driver. The driver turns out to be a black man which was very common in this time of age. This woman is not willing to have any changes in her life. She relates to one of Hofstede’s dimension which is the “individualism- collectivism”, the degree to which a culture relies on and has allegiance to the self or the group. (Lustig & Koester, 2010, p. 117) Miss Daisy in the beginning was very hesitant to allow someone to drive her around town. She liked her privacy and the last thing she wanted in her life was change. She acted like she didn’t need a driver. She didn’t want to be seen as a rich woman that had to be taken care of. However her son was the one that hired the driver and was looking out for the best interest in his mother. This type of behavior is also related to the “individualism-collectivism. As this movie begins you can see the differences in the culture. The driver is a poor male that always responds in a respectful manner. He always does as he is told. When he speaks you can hear his culture consists of “high context”. According to Lustig and Koester (2010), Edgar T. Hall states a high context culture
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