Cultural Context Lucy

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The novels ‘Lucy’ and ‘The Outsider’ by Jamaica Kincaid and Albert Camus respectively both have cultural contexts surrounding the protagonists. For Lucy, the legacy of colonialism on notions of power and social structure remains deep throughout the novel. Its pervasive influence resurfaces in contemporary settings. In coming to America, Lucy attempts to leave colonialism behind, however it still has a tremendous impact on her as well as the other characters as they have conflicting emotions and ideas throughout the novel. Camus discusses the estrangement - and later development - of an individual in a benign and indifferent universe, one in which conformity prevails. Camus not only satirizes the conformity of society, but religion and the legal system as well. These cultural contexts allow the reader to have a better understanding of the protagonists (and hence the authors) perceptions and beliefs. These cultural elements are conveyed through the use of both dialogue and symbolism. The cultural context set also allows the reader to see contrasting opinions/ beliefs which help in gaining a better understanding of the relationship between the authors beliefs and their beliefs of their society. In Lucy, the reoccurring theme of British colonialism has an immense role in the way that the protagonist approaches things and hence highlights and reflects the authors perception on the matter. Colonialism is repeatedly strung throughout the novel as the protagonist has flashbacks about her homeland, which was a British Colony. She came from a British educational system, which had influence on her perception of certain things. This is most commonly reflected in the differing views on the daffodils between Lucy and Mariah. ‘showed both modesty and appreciation but made a vow to erase line by line every word’ pg 18. When looking at the character Mariah, the Daffodils are seen as
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