Cultural Considerations of Roboticsurgery

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Cultural Considerations of Robotic Surgery January 23, 2013 Abstract This paper discusses the cultural considerations of robotic surgery. Nowadays technology has shaped and improved the way humans live. This includes the technological advancements in the field of medicine. Robotic surgery is one today’s breakthrough, however through the use of this technology it has modified the work flow and roles of the doctor and nurses inside the operating room. Moreover, this paper compares how this technology is accessible and what this technology promises that it has been considered as a standard procedure for surgeries. Introduction Man has learned to maximize technology in creating something new that alleviates their lifestyle. Numerous inventions have shaped and developed the society. In the field of medicine, technology brought promising solutions. Diseases that were considered as fatal before can now be treated and even prevented. Today’s greatest breakthrough in medicine would be the robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is an emerging technology; it uses robots or robotic devices to conduct minimally invasive surgery. Surgical robots and other innovative technologies for the operating room are said to improve patient safety. These developments enable medical professionals and patients to improve their quality of life. Technology has become into something that intertwines with the needs of the society. The world is experiencing a social revolution. There has been a shift from manual work to what is called as knowledge work. However there are different types of this technology. A teleoperated robotic surgery comprises a master slave manipulation system whereby the surgeon controls a robotic arm. Studies say that robotic surgery can have several benefits. Robotic surgery simplifies the existing minimally invasive surgical procedures; it increases dexterity,
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