Cultural Considerations Essay

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Cultural Considerations Cultural Considerations The principles of cross-cultural communication according to Cross-Cultural Communication are “similarities, differences, diversity, respect, acknowledgement, and empathy” (Barber, 2011, p. 5) These are the principles that keeps or will keep the communication effective for all cultures, “regardless of the specific differences you encounter while interacting with people from different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds” (Cheesebro, O’Connor, & Rios, 2010, p. 58) While understanding that these principles will keep communication effective, why is there such a big difference in communication within cultures when it comes down to health care. Somewhat like my culture, Mexican Americans are lost in the world of health care. Common barriers that usually keep them lost or not up to date in the health care world not only includes the language barrier but also not being able to afford it and this includes on the job. Even when they are employed with jobs that offer health care, it is too expensive to even be considered, but unlike most, working Mexican Americans do not have the privilege of getting jobs that even offer health care. Mexican Americans and health care can tie back to their social and family history. They are a culture that are usually relying on grandmothers and great grandmothers for “at home remedies” before it is even thought to seek actual medical attention and even then, some still do not until it is too late. There are many other additional barriers that prevent or become the deciding factor with the Mexican American culture when it comes down to health and health care, but when it becomes an understanding of the similarities, differences, diversity, respect, acknowledgement, and empathy that is

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