Cultural Competency Assessment

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Cultural Competency Assessment Helping professionals must remain culturally competent. Helping professionals are in a field where cultural diversity is extremely high in numbers. Remaining aware of the many different cultures and what is and isn’t allowed will keep the professional in touch with their clients. Bodenhorn, Jackson, and Farrell (2005) stated “One of the challenges many individuals experience in recognizing and valuing other cultures is that they do not have an awareness of themselves as cultural beings”. It will also allow the professional to remain respectful of the client’s culture. Cultural competency is a requirement in the helping professi The cultural competency assessment tools that were utilized by Team B were in the form of a quiz. These quizzes ranged from five to seven questions with multiple choice answers. The quizzes tested the knowledge of the individual taking the quiz on what information they knew about cultural diversity. Each question required a correct response in order to score successfully. Each member utilized a different quiz and all result turned back 100 percent successful. The Cultural Competency Assessment was an informative tool as it relates to the cultural awareness of the author. There were five questions of multiple choice answers, and the final score was 100%. The questions were insightful and required knowledge of how important cultural awareness is as it relates to the helping professional. The recommendations for increasing cultural competence are to study the history of other cultures and become familiar with them, make sure to be sensitive to the needs of others, and do not force one’s own culture into the helping relationship. The knowledge of other cultures is an important part of the process of knowing how to help individuals and establish a good working relationship based on trus Working as a supervisor
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