Cultural Competence in Field of Public Health

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1. Cultural Competence in the Field (1 page or ~2-3 paragraphs): Write a one-page essay on how you will use your disparity analysis skills and your cultural competency knowledge in your future (or current) career. Here is a guiding question to help inspire your response: If public health is an act of social justice, how will you bring social justice into your work? The discussion of cultural competence in regards to social disparity was one of the topics I was quite drawn to in this class. I believe that if we want to bring social justice into our work, we must be committed to explore why disproportionality of behavior, disease and mortality exists within certain populations. For example, if I decide to work with Hispanic American overweight to obese adolescent in San Bernardino, I would have to explore the environmental and social influences that perpetuate the disparity. We as public health professionals are then responsible to evaluate and better our departments/groups of health in order to better address these issues. Public Health professionals are responsible to explore the root causes of these inequities for several consequential reasons. First being that an increase in health inequaties will need an increase of resource distribution for public health practitioners. Public health professionals will also learn the proper ways to communicate about the forces that undermine these health disparities (how to communicate and take actions in affected communities). Last but not least, Public Hleaht professionals will learn ways to not only focus on addressing the disparity, but also how to prevent and addressing any prerequisite conditions as well. Since our field of Public health has a strong social justice component in its work, public health professionals are constantly on the search for ways to reduce health disparities and increase health equality and

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