Cultural Competence Essay

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Describe In preparation for this reflection paper, I read The Epistemology of Cultural Competence (Williams, Charmaine C 2006). I reflected on my own experiences and identified how I view the actions, beliefs, and decisions made by some people without regard to their cultural upbringing and/or beliefs. I identified the extreme need for cultural competence. Cross, Devore, and Schlesinger state that cultural competence demands that we practice with skills, attitudes, and values that will make us effective and adequate in service provision to clients who originate from a variety of cultural backgrounds (Williams 2006). How can we as social workers learn about different cultures? How can we become culturally sensitive? What techniques do we need to learn? As I become more familiar with the subject of cultural competence, I will have an answer to these questions. Examine According to Carlson, Brack, Laygo, Cohen, and Kirkscey, the specific competencies that are necessary, and the appropriate contexts for their application, are still poorly understood (Williams 2006). Social work literature is laden with suggestions for cultural competencies. These competencies are often organized into categories for self-awareness, attitudes, skills, and knowledge that are echoed in parallel standards for counseling psychology “multicultural competence” (Williams 2006 also cited from another source). Social Work has used these categories with additional emphasis on multilevel practice and continuums of competency (Williams 2006). Beyond those contributions, Boyle and Springer (2001) claim that there may be hundreds of conceptual definitions of cultural competence and related concepts like ethnic-sensitive, cross-cultural, and multicultural practice (Williams 2006). According to Williams (2006), this creates a dilemma for practitioners. In this form, all of the competencies seem

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