Cultural Comparison: Peru And El Salvador

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Amber Ponce Hum-120-WA Peru Cultural Studies Comparison: Peru and El Salvador Peru and El Salvador are both countries that are rich in ancient indian history and are products of Spanish colonization, but yet have surprising differences. With remains found on the Peruvian coast and highlands dating back to 10,000 BC, El Salvador is a notably younger country. Evidence, of presence of the Olmec, dates back only to 2,000 BC. Before the conquests, both countries were mostly inhabited by nomadic tribes. The Spanish began to colonize El Salvador in 1524, Peru shortly thereafter in 1531. Spain ruled the countries for almost three hundred years, until 1821 when El Salvador and Peru gained…show more content…
The practice of pre-hispanic handicrafts, such as weaving, ceramics and metalworking, is common throughout the country. In the cities and rural areas there are notable influences of pre-hispanic and mestizo myths, songs and superstitions. Another area where both countries differ is music. Music is another example of the strong ancestral influence still alive in Peru today. Panpipes are one of the traditional instruments that still thrive today at every kind of celebration and ritual. Another instrument that remains tremendously popular is the quenas, a simple notched end flute. These, too, can be heard at celebrations and rituals. Peru, also, is home to a new breed of Andean tropical music, chicha. The most widespread urban music in Peru, chicha is a fusion of traditional highland huayno, rock and urban cumbia. Most songs are about love, but lyrics in many songs revel the harsh aspects of Amerindian

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