Cultural Classes Essay

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Cultural classes Armajit, a woman in the late 20s, is in love with a man. They want to live together and get married, but this isn’t possible. Armajit is a Sikh woman and is therefore subject to certain rules. Her parents are very devoted to their religion and traditions which has a huge influence on her. Armajit can’t drink alcohol, stay out late with friends and worst of all, she can’t date men of her own choice. Beside that she is daily forced to live with threats, emotional terror and extreme pressure. Her parents regularly invite men, who would be a suitable husband for her, to their house. They don’t care if they don’t love each other. It is the connection between the families that matters. Armajit has considered running away. Building a new life with the man she loves far away from all the unhappiness. But then her parents would hunt her down or even kill themselves in shame and grief. At least they told her so. The intention with this text must be to set focus on the bad conditions many women live under due their family’s norms and beliefs. To show that though it from the outside seems like they are all completely devoted to their religion many young women are trying to break free. They want a different life and not just live like their parents did. They might think that the youngsters are taking over the western ideals when they actually just are accepting that time is changing. The question about the western government involving in such situations isn’t easy to answer. To be honest I actually think the real question is if they even can involve at all. The government has no right to violate families of curtain religions privacy just because they might not treat their daughter right. Of course the arranged marriages aren’t legal, but the girls don’t speak out so the government doesn’t have any proofs. If they contacted a Sikh woman and asked her if she

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