Cultural Cinderella Essay

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Cinderella: Many Cultures Different Aspect Cinderella is an extremely popular fairy tale for all ages and has been progressing as an inscription over many centuries. It is a story that has been told over many periods of time together with its characters. Actually, the tale Cinderella is so enchanting that many different stories of the fairy tale have appeared in many cultures, the Native American chronicle, “The Rough-Faced-Girl”, and the Vietnamese chronicle, “Tam and Cam.” These stories possibly can be based on distinct beliefs, except they both have something in common, they all immerse in the moral creativity that “good always overcomes evil.”But they contrast in the way they are described. Each story intensifies the aspects of spirituality, illusion, sensation, and outcomes. In the Vietnamese chronicle, “Tam and Cam”, the aspect of spirituality can be visualized overall the incidents in the story. The continuous appearance of “Buddha” shows a clear view of religious influence. In the story, Buddha appears in every grieving moment that Tam comes to experience. Buddhism is a belief that’s been disciplined since the 12th century in Vietnam. Hence, the word “Buddha” is common to the Vietnamese because it represents the beliefs of the society. Despite, the mentioning of Buddha that doesn’t show any strong sign to religious influence in the story. The teachings of reincarnation and karma are also incorporated within the story. In the tale, Tam is plunge head down in the water by her stepmother, but she reincarnated into a bird, fruit and back into her natural body. Reincarnation is part of what Buddha teaches, which says that the human spirit is always moving around death and rebirth, which is called the circle of life. Karma is also clearly seen at the end of the tale. “The mother is eating her own daughter’s flesh…”(Quoc, 233), shows that good will be repaid with

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