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Cultural Bagge And Talking Past Each Other Essay

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  • on November 15, 2011
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Most of people are confusing about their race and ethnicity. According to “Talking Past Each Other: Black and White Languages of Race,” Blauner, Bob, the interpretation of race was racism as a result,” in the sense, an institution or an occupation is racist simply because racial minorities are under repented in numbers or in positions of prestige and authority. But White saw racism largely as a thing of the past. They defined it in terms of segregation and lynching, explicit white supremacist belief, or double standards, in hiring, promotion and admission to colleges or institution’s. But the Kernet Commission identified ‘white racism,” as a prime reality of American society and the major underlying cause of ghetto unrests. Like Blauner, Shelby Steele wrote about how confused she’s about her race and identity. She’s confusing, that’s she should share her parents race or not. Also, she was adopted by many difference people.   So, she’s confusing what’s her race suppose be. She decided to choose her own race so she call herself it “race of none,” race itself is a confusing concept because of the variance between scientific and common sense definitions of term. The race is an essentially political construct, one that translates our tendency to see people it likely that people will act for or against them on such a basic.
The dynamic of ethnicity is different, even though the results at time may be similar. An Ethnic group is a group holds a set of common memories that make them feel that their customs, culture, and outlook are distinctive. In a sense of peoplehood, sharing critical experiences and sometimes a belief in their common fate, they feel an affinity for one another, a “ comfort zone,” that leads to congregating together,. Thus if race is associated with biology and nature, ethnicity is associated with culture.

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