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Cultural Background Summary University of Phoenix SOC 315 Cultural Background Summary I grew up in New York City, a booming metropolis with a large population comprised of many culturally diverse groups. The neighborhood, in which I grew up, however was not at all like Manhattan with its skyscrapers, cathedrals and posh department stores. Rather, it was comprised of middle class homes, small local schools and parishes, small local businesses and a few retail chains like the A&P (food) and Woolworths (small consumer goods). My neighborhood, Ozone Park was established in 1882. Originally farmland, housing was developed in the area after the Long Island Rail Road began service through the area in 1880. The name “Ozone Park” was chosen to lure buyers with the idea of refreshing breezes blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean to a park-like community (Ozone Park, Queens, 2007). I lived in Ozone Park during the years of 1965 to 1988. My neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods were primarily made up of white, middle-class families of Italian, Irish, German, and Polish descent. Many of these families were Catholic and there were four Catholic churches within walking distance of my home; St. Stanislaus, Nativity BVM, St. Mary Gate of Heaven and St. Helen’s. Specific ethnic and/or socioeconomic groups comprised the majority at each of these churches. St. Stanislaus had a large Polish-American congregation. At Nativity BVM, the congregation was made up of the families of blue-collar workers of Italian, Irish, German and Polish descent. Italian Americans comprised the majority of parishioners at St. Mary Gate of Heaven. An Italian-American club was located across the street from the church and many of the members of the club were also among the congregation of St. Mary’s. St. Helen’s was comprised of upper middle class families of Italian, Irish,

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