Cultural Autobiography Essay

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CULTURAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY By Kimberly Snyder My name is Kimberly Snyder, I’m past twenty one for a few years now. I grew up here in Grand Rapids. My parents Sharon and Gerald Snyder, have been married for 46 years. My father was a local business owner for over 45 years. Our family owned Leonard Auto in downtown Grand Rapids. Our whole family worked at this business. I would do inventory every weekend, spent many hours in the store. Sharon my Mother actually was a licensed mechanic. This gave me a unique perspective on woman in the workplace. I have one brother, he is seven years older then I am. Kevin my brother and I never had much in common. We were expected to contribute to the family at a young age. Our family supported the belief, If you worked hard and did a good job you would be rewarded. We also spent a great deal of our time at the Martin Drag Races. My father owned and raced a few different cars. Owning an auto part store, he was sponsored by the suppliers from our company. Growing up in auto parts and the auto industry. The income in our household was unstable. In the 70’s, we speak out a existence. The 80’s were somewhat better and my smart father sold the business. My parents continued to manage company for the new owner’s, twelve years later they finally retired. Our family is third generation here, My great grandparents came from the Netherlands on my father’s side. My mother is German, her family also is third generation. My grandmother, Pearl was a strong Dutch woman. She owned an upholstery shop in downtown Grand rapids in the 30’s. Pearl capitalized on the future market here. She found her niche market and made a good living at it. She was instrumental in guide our family in the direction of Business owners and solid people. When I was a child, we would always make time once a week to stop our lives
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