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Cultural relativism Denise Lewis ANT 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (GSF1517D) Instructor: Fae Goodman Date Submitted The comprehension of a different culture practices tends to be difficult when only used in comparison to one’s own culture and practices. It may seem not normal for one’s own standards yet to those of the opposite cultures our own practices may not be considered as normal or logical to them as well. In order to be able to understand any culture, one must really know the meaning of cultural relativism. “Cultural relativism is the idea that the significance of an act is best understood by the standards of the actor’s own culture” (Crapo, 2013). Using this definition will lay the foundation of this paper. This will allow me to effectively demonstrate one aspect of my own culture from an etic (outsider) mindset in part one and capably exhibit one aspect of another culture’s mentality from an emic (insider) point of view. In depth, I will inspect the influence of culture on communication, the willingness to communicate, communication apprehension, and communication competence; in contrast I will explain the practice of polygamy in the Sub-Saharan Africa and why it is practiced. Part I In this section, I will discuss the influence of communication, the willingness to communicate, communication apprehension, and communication competence. In the textbook, Cultural Anthropology, Crapo states, “An etic description or analysis—that is, an outsider's or observer's allegedly "objective" account—creates a model of a culture by using cross-culturally valid categories, which anthropologists have found to be generally useful for describing all cultures” (p.27). Miner’s article, Body Ritual among the Nacirema, is discussed from an etic perspective as well. He summarizes the Nacirema way of life such as how they view the human body and how they

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