Cultivation Theory Essay

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A person who is aware of his duties and rights in his society is a good citizen. A good citizen does his best to do his duty to the society “You are a citizen, and citizenship carries responsibilities.” ― Paul Collier, The Bottom Billion . Pakistan is a country in which the citizens are facing immense problems and we are unable to find any solution to the rising problem which our society is facing. Have we ever think that why these problems exists in our society. Its all because of us. We always blame the government for all the bad things happening around us but have we ever thought that as a citizen what our responsibilities towards the betterment of our society are. People belong to the third world countries like Pakistan, are totally ignorant towards the concept of civic education, which is the main reason that we are unaware and un familiar, towards our role and responsibilities, being a responsible and active citizen, as well as of their rights too. As we all know that youth is considered as the back bone of its country and they can play a vital and prominent role in progress and prosperity of their it hence the significance of civic education is usually increased for youths because if these youngsters are well educated, well aware and responsible then they can contribute a vital part in understanding many minor and major issues of the society and play a positive role for the resolution of those issues to some extent but in a country like Pakistan majority of youngsters are not aware with the spirit of civic activism and civic education since such subjects had never been considered to be the part of our curriculum, perhaps the hands of those hidden forces are behind it who don’t want the access of Pakistani citizen towards their “Right to know”. Man cannot live without a society. He cannot live alone. He must live with his fellow human beings. But living in a

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