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Culteral Diversity In Criminal Justice Essay

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  • on September 11, 2011
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Race and Ethnicity of Juvenile Offenders
Juvenile crime in the United States is an epidemic. The amount of juvenile offenders guarantee’s that juvenile corrections will continue to be in high demand well into the future. With the amount of juvenile offenses that take place, the issue of race and ethnicity among those juvenile offenders ignites and the issue of racial and ethnic disparities comes to the forefront. Understanding the disparities that take place within the juvenile justice system could lead to the understanding of the amount of juvenile crime that takes place within the United States. Advancements have been made in the racial motives of police officers during arrests but the number of racial and ethnic offenders is still on a rise. In this paper the subjects to address are the definition of race and ethnicity, statistics of juvenile offenders, legislation regarding race and bias, the racial disparities that exist within the juvenile justice system and possible solutions.
Race is categorized as being one of five categories. According to Wilson, J., (2000), those categories consist of white, African American, American Indian, Eskimo, or Aleut; Asian or Pacific Islander, or others. Ethnicity usually indicates where a person is from or country of origin. The race and ethnicity of the juveniles who make up the juvenile justice system is a highly controversial subject.   Today’s youth make up one third of the American Population and are continually growing, but of those youth, the ethnical statistics are complicated when trying to receive the right numbers and data. Many differences and distinctions lie within ethnicities that when those statistics are lumped into one general race, such as African American that data can become blurred. Several tools have been developed to determine the statistics of race and ethnicity of juvenile offenders such as arrest reports, self report offending data, public records, and official data taken from criminal and...

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