Culinary Farts Essay

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Culinary master Wolfgang Puck has brought his years of expertise in the kitchen to a new app for iPhone and iPod Touch, Wolfgang Puck – Live, Love, Eat. Although the free app is on the lighter side when it comes to recipes, this app is worth a look for budding chefs. Fans of Puck will enjoy access to signature recipes such as Chicken Scaloppini, Kaiserschmarrn and Garlic Roast Lamb. The number of dishes is limited, but the recipes are smartly presented; some include personal notes from Puck in an overview of the dish. Ingredients can be sent to your in-app shopping list and recipes are divided in steps, which can be viewed larger when you turn your device into landscape mode. If there is a timing component in the recipe, a timer is built into the process. It runs in the background and the app will send you a push notification when time is up. What’s perhaps better than Puck’s recipes is the video tutorial section found under the ‘learn’ tab. Here, users will be treated to short clips of Puck giving basic kitchen tips and tricks, including knife care, how to chop garlic and blanching technique, among others. Wolfgang Puck also features an in-app reservation system for Puck’s 17 restaurants across the country. Users can also access catering information and a shopping guide of Puck’s products. With its free price tag there’s no reason to not spend a bit of time with Wolfgang Puck. I hope to see more dishes added in the

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