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brooke reynolds Thesis Statement: As a high school freshmen at Holmes County High School I plan to take classes such as culinary, be an honor student and have the best grades, and I plan on playing football for the rest of my time being a student at Holmes County High School. I. As a student at H.C.H.S. I plan to take culinary classes so I can learn how to cook better. A. Ever since I was a kid I always enjoyed cooking it has always been something that has interested me an I like food a lot. B. I plan to take culinary because I think that it would be fun and I wouldn’t have to be in J.R.O.T.C. II. I would like to be an honor student as a freshmen at H.C.H.S A. For me to be eligible to be an honor student I am going to have to make good grades. B. Also If I am a honor student I will be in beta. III. I have always played football and I plan to keep on playing football. A. The only sport I play is football and I am good at it. B. I am one of the only two freshmen that is on varsity. My High School Career As a High school freshmen I plan to take culinary be an honor student and play football at Holmes County High School. Culinary is what I plan to take as a freshmen at the high school. Culinary has always introduced me because I enjoy cooking like at the house when I get hungry instead of asking my mom to cook me something I can just do it myself. Furthermore I plan on taking culinary because it would seem like it was fun and it would be useful for me when I am at home I would have more experience. I really enjoy cooking breakfast is my favorite though I like cooking bacon and omelets and stuff like that. In other words that is why I would like to take culinary

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