Cuisines of the World Around Us Essay

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What would you prefer to eat for dinner? Do you feel like having sushi, lasagna, or maybe spicy burrito? Asking this question will meet numerus answers that depend on individual preferences of people. There are many kinds of excellent cuisines. Nowadays, we are lucky to be able to select from almost all kinds of food from all parts of the world. The most popular meals comes from Asia, Europe and Latin America. Asian people are considered to live long and in a good health thanks to the food they consume. Most popular meals are Japanese, Chinese and Indian. I suppose every one of us is familiar with sushi, most popular Japanese meal. Famous drink often served with it is sake. Chinese cusine is associated with rice, as a side dish of almost every meal, and seafood. Cooks of India use a lot of spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. This food is influenced by religion and culture. European cuisines are considered by some as the most diverse. Italian, Greek and French foods are the most world famous ones. Characteristic Italian meals are pizza, spghetti and lsagna. If we don't feel like having a heavy food and we are in Italian restaurant already, we can order a caprese salad or minestrone soup. Greek cookery makes a wide use of olive oil, wine, fish, vegetables like eggplant and zucchini, and yogurt. As the one of the most sophisticated cuisines of the world is considered the French one. No other restaurant can serve us as excellente foie gras, bisque, snails or froggs legs, as the French one will. Also hard to argue with the statement, that cheeses and breads of France are ones of the best in the world. Quite different food is offered to us by Latin

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