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Dear school leaders: First of all thank you very much for taking the time to review this application. In the 21st century, the camera has been very popular for most people, and photography has become a hobby of many people in their lives. I think photography as an art that can enrich the students living and can help students a lot in their learning. Photography in our lives everywhere, such as life colorful advertising photography, we are familiar with television, movies, and so both are through the lens to record. Since the emergence of photography, we can retain a wonderful life in every segment. In China, I was in my China middle school and high school were established photography Teams and photography club. And five years in my middle school, I with my club held a photography contest five times in my school, every time we have been successful. And I also led the photography club won the title of best school community. So I have a very rich community organizational capacity and leadership. This year is my first year at St. Mary's High School. In my opinion a photography community, is very important for schools. I've been on the school's Facebook and website. I browsed the school released school photos and activity photos. And i think that these photo can take more better. I talked with the teacher who management Website, she told me she needed more photos to choose. I consider more complete picture can let people more easily to understand school. It can to attract them to this school to have study. Establish a club allows students who fall in love with photography to get together. This is a platform that allows us to get to know other students with the same interests, and make more friends. After I build societies, we will have an outdoor photography once a week or three times a month. We will bring a camera to school, and every

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