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Kevin Frost English Comp. 1 Cube Exercise 02/11/2012 My Dream Car Ever since the first time I laid eyes on my Uncle Charles’s 1972 Cutlass Supreme, I just had to have it. I would always tell him how much I wanted the car, but he would never give it to me. So, one night at a family gathering, I asked what would I have to do to get the car and he told me to show up at his house the next morning so we could talk about it. I met with him the next day, and he gave me the option to either do work around his house for six months or give him two thousand dollars. Coming up with that kind of money would be hard for me since I didn’t have a job, so I worked for him. The work was devastating; he had me mowing his lawn every three days, cutting down trees, taking out trash, and every other chore of a home. After six months of hard work, I finally got the car and everything paid off. I think I’m going to keep this car forever. The excitement of driving my 1972 Cutlass Supreme is priceless. I’ve driven many cars in my life and none compares to this one. With its stout muscle look, it always does well in car shows. In one instance, it took first place in three different categories. The paint is candy red and it has big shiny twenty-two inch rims. The sound system is however the cars best feature. With the stereo being by Bose, whenever I crank it up, people can hear me from blocks away. My kids really enjoy riding in the car and bragging to their friends about dad’s cool ride. Anyone that has seen this tricked out ride loves it. Having an older car is much different than having a new car. Because it’s older, it has to be restructured. First, test the engine and determine if it is going to need to be changed out. Second, look over the body of the car. If there are any dents or dings, they have to be sanded down. Third, prime down the exterior of

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