Cuban Missle Crisis Essay

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Jessica Gavarrete Cuban Missile Crisis How could the civilized world allow conditions to come down to such a degree that one unwise decision by one leader could cause total destruction of the earth? The United States and President Kennedy, as well as the Soviet Union and Nikita Khrushchev can share the blame. The Cuban Missile Crisis also known as the Cold War was by far the closest the world ever came to nuclear war (Think Quest Team). Kennedy and Khrushchev changed their methods, when it mattered most, when both countries were in a position where war was the only visible way out. Cuba is a communist country led by a ruthless dictator named, Fidel Castro. United States would like to rid Cuba of Castro and bring democracy back to the Caribbean island. Although these thirteen days in October took place and revolved around Cuba, Fidel Castro never had any control over the decision making in this almost nuclear war. Castro’s only thoughts were to become leader of all Latin America but he would not be able to with another attack. Ever since the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 made by the U.S., Castro felt a second attack was inevitable (Think Quest Team). Kennedy inherited a plan from the Eisenhower Administration to remove Castro from power. The plan is called "Bay of Pigs." Kennedy accepted full responsibility of the "Bay of Pigs" and its total failure. Kennedy set the tone with his tough stand against communism revealed when the attack was made in 1961. Cuba being only ninety miles from Florida, Khrushchev took reckless action by deploying the missiles in Cuba which started the crisis the next year. However because of Kennedy’s “Bay of Pigs” plan, some say that that was the first event that started this almost nuclear war. The United States, with the help of Latin American countries

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