Cuban Missile Crisis Essay

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In my view the Cuban Missile Crisis was the greater threat to the world as it saw coming close the danger of Nuclear War. It made both nations aware of just how dangerous they had been to the brink of a nuclear annihilation due to their polices of Brinkmanship. It was significantly a greater threat because it is the closest the world has ever come to in terms of Nuclear Annihilation. The Missile Crisis sparked when Amercian U2 spy planes shot images of Soviet nuclear missiles being installed in Cuba. This alarmed the Americans as Cuba was just 90 miles of the Florida coast and the missiles could be fired within 20 minutes. The Missiles in Cuba were quite in range inside the USA, capable of making devastating losses on the USA. Kennedy decided o impose a quarantine around Cuba on October the 24th. He gave orders for Soviet ships to be searched carrying missiles, he addressed the nation to tell them in what kind of threat they were in. In that televised speech he called on Khrushchev to withdraw the missiles from Cuba. Then on the 27th of October, he received a long letter from Khrushchev warning him that any act of aggression committed on Soviet ships would result in a declaration of war and they were not afraid to fight against the USA. These fears enveloped Kennedy, while he could have backed down as he did in Berlin, he couldn't risk that because he didn't want to be seen weak after the bay of pigs disaster. Khrushchev on the other side had put the missiles in Cuba to get rid of the missiles in Turkey. Although it was generally meant to protect Cuba, he wanted to test just how strong the Americans and their president, Kennedy was, as Khrushchev believed Kennedy to be weak. Between the 26th and 28th of October during the thirteen days, Kennedy received letters from Khrushchev telling him that the missiles were to protect Cuba, also offering to dismantle the

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