Cuban Imperialization Essay

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U.S. imperialization over Cuba 2012 stuart bleck 12/3/2012 U.S. imperialization over Cuba 2012 stuart bleck 12/3/2012 When the United States was first established and Washington was resigning from office in his farewell address he said that the states should stay out of foreign affairs, and focus their efforts only on American issues. This type of relationship to the world was called isolation. Isolation meant that the nation will have no connections politically, economically, or politically with other nations of the world. During its isolation period the United States expanded westward to the Pacific Ocean, but once they covered all that land the United Stated still wanted to expand. To further expand the United States needed to leave the isolation, and felt as if they needed to become a world power. To do this the United States decided to imperialize and gain control over Cuba. By imperializing Cuba the United States would hold a strong influence over Cuba’s politics, the flow of their economy, and stray away from it isolated state. Before the United States imperialized Cuba it was under the control of Spain, and Cuba was trying to drive out the Spanish to gain control of their country. This gave Cuba a lot of sympathy from the United States because “some citizens compared the Cubans’ struggle to the American Revolution.” This is when American culture started to mix with Cuban culture. As people read about these exaggerated stories about what’s happening to the Cubans the try to support them, and through support cultures mix. Another way that the cultures mixed was once Cuba had been freed from Spain, and America imperialized it. Many Cubans immigrated to America and along with them came their traditions and ways of life that would mix with the American ways. In Cuba they started to adopted American

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