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A Snapshot on Cuba Throughout the Cuban revolution and all the past hardships between its rivals, Canada has been able to remain good companions of Cuba and still remained to make business with them. Like every other country there is a specific way to make a trade with Cuba. Some of the uncommon trade barriers are: First you have to make a deal with the Cuban government before you talk to any Cuban business, have to deal with communist currency and, several departments of the Cuban government have to approve the deal. This process may take weeks or months to go through and be approved. Just because Cuba has a communist tag on their Country they are doing what they feel is right, but many other people think communism is wrong that is also the way I feel but I am very pleased Canada can still do business with them no matter how long the situation will take. Cuba and Canada aren’t that far away from each other so that makes business smart and convenient. Cuba is not that rich of a country to start with so that makes it cheap to trade with them. Canadian businesses love to do business with Cuba because our biggest trade competition (USA) cannot trade with Cuba so that gives Canada hardly and completion. Canada can put a price on a product and they barley have any completion to fight or lower that price against, what this means is that Canada is getting more money. The US tried to pass a Act so a lot countries can trade with Cuba but obviously that didn’t go through(Toricelli Act). Each country in the world has different possessions to offer Canada; this is why Canada does not only trade with one country. Cuba is a communist country that is the main reason why the opportunities are huge for Canadian companies (cheap). In 1959 the Cuban Revolution happened which is when Fidel Castro named Cuba a

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