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Kristine Franklin Professor Zeiser Spanish 102.40 March 22, 2010 Secondary to a Revolution Society is greatly moved by the kidnapping or murder of a single child, but it remains criminally indifferent to the mass murder of our children through lack of proper care. –Fidel Castro Since Castro’s revolution the Cuban people have passed through the gauntlet and come out the other side with lessons for the rest of the world. There have been numerous benefits and consequences of Castro’s regime. These benefits and consequences have served to mold and manipulate the Cuban people as well as caused Cubans to develop creative adaptations to their environment. These adaptations are an example to the world of triumph against both internal and external adversity. The negative aspects of the communist revolution and subsequent Castro dictatorship are many and far reaching. The costs of the revolution in Cuba were mental, physical and spiritual. There was a violent and diffuse internet of oppression. From the time of the revolution onward there were executions that moved from the top down, each person had to worry that one day they might disappear if they were caught disagreeing with the government’s policies and as shown in the movie Fresa y Chocolate the people that they must fear could be their neighbor or their roommate. Cubans under Castro were not allowed to own property and if they own land before the revolution they were forced to turn it over to the government. Castro’s socialist ideal of equality was implemented in the through Che’s enforcement of the Agrarian Reforms apportioning newly acquired lands to cooperatives and enforcing his ideas of “volunteer” work that instead of inspiring his comrades there was a marked decline in production and rise absenteeism because the government had taken away the hope that comes with the ability to work harder to achieve

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