Cu2625 Mobility Essay

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Cu2625-provide support for mobility Aims- this unit is aimed at those who work in a wide range of settings. The unit provides the learner with the knowledge and skills needed to support mobility activities. It covers preparation, support and observations of mobility activities. 1. understand the importance of mobility 1.1 define mobility The term ‘mobility’ means different things to different people. For some people, mobility is being able to go out when they want to and where they want to. For others, mobility is being able to get from one place to another by any means to maintain their independence – for example, getting from the living room to the kitchen to make a cup of tea or going to the toilet on their own. Maintaining mobility is vital as people grow older. It can make the difference between an active old age and one spent sitting in a chair or shuffling around. Whatever mobility means to you, it is important that you check with people what mobility means for them. 1.2 explain how different health conditions may affect and be affected by mobility There are many conditions that can affect a persons mobility as they because older and the joints of the body because worn. Not all mobility problems are caused by age; some people are born with health conditions that can affect their mobility. Mobility may also be affected following an accident or illness. Some people develop conditions that affect the muscles and ligaments connecting to bones, so they cannot move around easily. Some people may not be able to control their movements well, or the muscles may be too weak to support their weight. Fractured bones Throughout life, the bones in the body constantly change; this is because they are living structures that become damaged through everyday wear and tear. Most peoples bones will repair themselves by growing new bone if they are damaged. If a
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