Cu2479 Promote Good Practice in Handling Information in Health and Social Care Settings

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CU2479 Promote Good Practice in Handling Information in Health and Social Care Settings 1.1 Legislation includes the Data Protction act 1998 which states how information about clients can be stored and used . The freedom of information act 2000 which allows people to see what information is held about them. 1.2 The information should be fairly and accurately processed. Used for limited purposes, relevant and not excessive, not kept longer than necessary, kept secure, not transferred abroad without adequate protection. Records should be kept secure and not accessible by anyone other than authorised persons. As well as the Data Protection act there are professional codes of practice which are inspected and regulated by the General Social Care Council and the Quality Care Commission. 2.1 Locked drawers or cupboards. Password protected computers / files . Access given to people who really do need to know. 2.2 Correct storage of records, ensuring no one can hear confidential information i.e. phone calls, hand-overs to other staff,returning records to the correct storage place,not removing records from the workplace, signing records out, reporting any issues to management, appropriate disposal / shredding of old documents. 2.3 Clear and accurate writing, recording the information straight away or as soon as practicable, including a time, date, signature and printed name using a black pen , putting a line through any errors and signing all boxes on forms. 3.1 Ensure that colleagues can recognise hazards and are able to deal with associated risks, such as: Fire and water damage. Requests for information from people who do not have a need to know Accidental or unauthorised loss of information due to, for example, not backing-up, not encrypting information that is to leave the premises, and insecure
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