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CU1684 Provide support to continue recommended therapies The potential benefits therapies may have on an individuals health and well being are as followed: patient can medical assisant thus improving their health.. They will also interact with others making new friends with similar interests. Social skills will improve giving individuals a sense of belonging and self worth improving moods and boosting health and well being. Barriers that may stop and individual continuing with their therapy are; they may no longer feel they need it or no longer want to go? There condition may become worse and the can no longer go. Transportation to group may become difficult. Patients health may be an issue I.e depression. Patients may have other commitments or be hospitalised. If any recommended treatment is discontinued it could become detrimental to a patients health they could become withdrawn, feel isolated, become depressed, lose motivation, self confidence and no longer feel they have worth. There medical condition could also become worse. 2.1 It is one of the most important things to provide patient centred care so when establishing an agreement and preferences about continuing therapies it is always important to ask the patient what they would like to do and how they would like to achieve it. They must always have all the information possible explained as clearly and consiesly as possible so they can make a fully informed decision. To provide the individual with the correct information about therapies it is good practice to get the patient to ask the provider of the therapy information about the benefits of it and also for leaflets so they can read them at a later date to process the information about it properly and even consult with family and friends about it. If it is not possible to talk to the therapy provider maybe talk to a doctor or nurse about it and seek

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