Cu1679 Person Centred Planning and Thinking

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CU1679 Person Centred Planning and thinking 1.1 Person centred Planning is about putting the client first. It is a plan to get to a personal goal chosen by the client. This could be anything from crossing the street by themselves or living independently. The plan is put in place to support that person to their goal. 1.2 Personal Centred Thinking is the foundation of a person centred plan. Is about getting into the mind of a client and looking at what is important to them. Looking at them as an individual and not as a condition. First you start to think about the client and what is best for their needs and personal goals, then you build a plan of how to get to those goals. It is a good idea to but a timeline on to these goals, they can then be reviewed upon. A review is to look back and see what goals have been met, if they haven’t what could we change to get there. 1.3 Person Centred thinking is great for the individual because they are the centre of their life. Doing what they want to do, and how to get there. It can give the individual a real sense of accomplishment because they are working towards something they really want. The individual can also use their relationship circle such as his family to help support them in their decision making. 1.4 Routine and Planning – Mr X has autism and finds it difficult to plan and attend his daily activities and also his own personal routines. He often becomes “stuck” in thresholds; he likes to have as much information about his day as he can. Mr X can communicate through speech but normally with simply one word answers, “yes” “no”. He seems to understand speech from staff but I believe he only picks up on keywords, such as. “Mr X its time for your bath” Bearing this in mind I thought it would be best to use another way to communicate other then speech alone. I decided to use photos and widgets to help Mr X make

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