Cu1532 Promote Equality and Inclusion

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Promote Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s setting 1.1 Diversity: It is best explained as differences between individuals and communities. This involves sexual preferences, disabilities, religious beliefs, individual ethnicity and occasionally family makeup. Equality: This definition is best explained as all individuals regardless of any differences have the equal rights and opportunities as everyone else. Inclusion: Children and young peoples setting should have process’s in place where differences are not magnified and that all individuals are treated fairly and each have the same opportunities as others 1.2 Discrimination can have a lasting effect on an individual. An individual with a disability should feel enabled and have the same opportunities as any other person. If they are made to feel that they are incapable to do certain tasks or jobs can have a long term effect on their health and well being. Racial discrimination can lead to isolation and fear and to make someone feel inferior because they are from a one parent family and not from a nuclear family can lead to depression for children who do not have a real concept of difference this can lead to loss of self esteem and confidence. 1.3 Inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity by ensuring children’s and young peoples setting’s are places where barriers are broken down and children feel they have the same opportunities as any other child regardless of disabilities, religion or colour of skin etc Our setting has a free play policy and all children have the same opportunities and it is there choice where and what they wish to play. 2.1 There are many legislations and codes of practice that are in place and here is how equality, diversity and discrimination laws are applied to my own role Equality: I ensure

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