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1.3 Describe ways to ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of work Everyone has attitudes and beliefs that they value. Many of these are instilled in us from a very young age. The way we are raised and the behaviours we are shown whilst growing up and developing will have a strong influence on the attitudes and opinions we are likely to form. What a child thinks is morally acceptable is most likely to be adopted from their parents and other family members. For example if a child grows up around a lot of violence they may consider that violence is acceptable form of behaviour when dealing with difficult situations. Children who grow up in unhappy households were relationships do not last are likely to grow up finding it difficult to maintain relationships themselves. Whilst children who grow up around loving secure relationships are likely to go on to also form these types of relationships. Although some attitudes and beliefs will also come from their own experiences. Attitudes and opinions can be very personal just as a person’s beliefs are. Many people take their religious beliefs very seriously especially about what their religious beliefs say about the way people should dress, eat, behave and what is right and wrong. Although everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and beliefs it is important that they do not have a negative impact on a person’s work. In the workplace you are unlikely to agree with all of the attitudes and beliefs of all the people you work with both adults and children. However, when working with children it is your job to try and change the options’ or beliefs of the people you work with but instead to be a positive role model by putting your own personal attitudes and beliefs to one side and respecting, promoting and responding positively to the people you work
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