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CT307 1.1, Describe person centred approaches? Person-centred approaches are a core element of all good practice Work with the person and those important to them to create their own person centred plan. This tells us how they want to be supported, what the person wants to do and what they want to achieve, to enable the person to live the life that you want. Provide support in the way that the person wants and values, when they want it. 1.2,Explain why person-centred values must influence aspects of social care work? The 'why' is because it is embedded in social policy and legislation eg Putting People First, Valuing People Now and the Essential Standards. 1.3, Explain how person-centred values should influence all aspects of social care work? It’s important to respect the rights of the individual to be at the centre of their own care. This means that workers must focus on what the individual wants and how they want it to be provided. 2.1 Explain how finding out the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual contributes to their care plan? You may work with different individuals each with their own preferences, wishes and needs. You will find out about these by reading individuals’ care and support plans as well as communicating with them when you are together. [ It is important that you follow care and support plans and understand and respect what the individuals you work with say they need. 2.2, Describe ways to put person centred values into practice in a complex or sensitive situation? This could be that someone removes the protective dressing on a wound as soon as its dressed which can cause infection and the family are complaining that she always takes the dressing off but if the individual has full capacity to make her own choices and knows what she is doing all we can do is implement care plans which cover

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