Csr's New Roles in the Middle East Essay

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Question: Beyond this what else? What are other things they can do to make it effective? I. Key Strategic Issue: For developed countries, companies would desire to appeal to strong consumer sentiment. CSR mainly focuses on issues like environmental sustainability, alternative energy, clean technology, and social welfare. However, in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the companies would rather be focusing on social and economic challenges because the basic reason that are hindering development is the shortage of jobs. II. Alternatives: Our first alternative solution is improving education. There is a link between an individual’s education level and their chances of finding meaningful, well paid work. For example, while many youth around the world struggle to find work, the Middle East and North Africa battles with the world’s highest youth unemployment rate. A study found 25 percent of young men and 42 percent of young women aged 15 to 24 were unemployed in 2012. Our second alternative solution is the government should encourage more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which form the backbone of economic stability and job creation in the developed world. For example in Germany and France, SMEs account for 60 percent and 61 percent of employment. However, in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, SMEs account for only 25 percent and 38 percent of jobs. Our third alternative solution is reforming the economic structure. We know the economic growth for the Middle East heavily dependent on such things as the fluctuating price of oil, the rate of foreign investment , the efficiency of the large number of state-owned industries, and the population growth. Thus, the government should also develop alternative economic activities. For example, efforts can be made to further develop such sectors as banking, tourism, light manufacturing, and

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