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Corporate Social Responsibility & The Law Individual Reflection Report With this journal I will reflect on my experience in processing the corporate social responsibility (CSR) concepts, why I feel CSR concepts are important and whether further action is required to ensure its continued importance. I found during the course that over the past decades CSR, and its effect on an organisation`s success has been the subject of much academic debate and criticism. Some people argue that CSR distracts from main purpose of business which is to make money. But, others consider that CSR does not reduce profit, it supports to gain financial improvements by strengthening organisation`s social responsibility. This reflective journal argues that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important factor to achieve successful performance within organisation and it is also similar responsibility being financially successful. As a person who worked in Business Strategic Planning and Development department of a big bank, I felt initially that CSR and the Law would have been a revision of Sustainability -which is related to the environment as many resources are irreversible and finite in quantity- with a twist of ethics. I believed that the phrases “fit and proper person” and “of good character” would easily translate to directors and companies and that the subject was merely catering for non-lawyers. I soon discovered that CSR and the Law is so much more than mere sustainability legal compliance; it is the synthesis of compliance and the broader meaning of ethos which transforms to structures and standards that guide a firm’s behaviour in the world of business. Is ethical behaviour though something we learn or is it part of our character? How does a business – and what type of business does it have to be to- educate and enable staff to have cultural

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