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Csr in Asia Pacific Essay

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Samsung

During the past 20 years corporate social responsibility have grown important and play a key role in corporations. Keith Davis (1960) pointed that corporate social responsibility relevant to businesses' ‘decisions and actions taken for reasons at least partially beyond the firm's direct economic or technical interest’. For instance, CSR is a good approach for companies to evaluate the impact and to make changes that create positive effects in their communities. In the abstract, Manakkalathll & Rudolf (1995) give the definition of corporate social responsibility as “the duty of organizations to conduct their business in a manner that respects the rights of individuals and promotes human welfare.” On the other hand, Christian Aid (2004) defines CSR as “an entirely voluntary, corporate driven initiative to promote self regulation as a substitute for regulation at either a national or international level.” CSR policy functions are built-in and self-regulating mechanism through which a corporation monitors, regulate and ensure its compliance within ethical standards, the spirit of the law and global norms. In this paper, firstly, it will critical analysis of CSR. Secondly, it will analysis CSR approaches in Asia Pacific Market especially in China. Thirdly, it will compare with Nokia in CSR. Fourthly, it will analysis CSR perspectives in different views. Finally talk about challenges, opportunities and make a conclusion.

Critically analysis Corporate Social Responsibility
Many organizations have done a lot to better the environmental and social effects of their actions. Rising corporate attention to social responsibility has been occasioned by matters many companies hadn't been thinking are core or part of their obligation.   These include: consumer boycotts, media reports on abusive labor practices, protest at the international level among others.   Governments all over the world have also passed...

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