Csp Reflection #3

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Reflection #4 Nature Preservation Foundation- Royal Botanical Gardens (Hope Gardens) Where I once lived, my mother had a garden that took up a good amount of space. A lot of times she would ask me if I wanted to help her do some weeding or some planting. I would always come up with some excuse to get out of it or help for only a few minutes and do a minimum amount of work. I remember telling my mother that I was never going to enjoy gardening and when I had my own house I was going to have only grass and no plants. The work at the Royal Botanical Gardens (Hope Gardens) was a lot more labor intensive than I expected, since most of the work wasn't gardening as much as it was spending hours raking grass and leaves or hauling around a big bag of grass. I worked hard though and kept up with the rest of the staff. I was sent to the nursery on more than one occasion where I was involved in cutting, and preparing plants for planting, filling bags with soil, while learning about the different plants I came in contact with. I also found the people I came in contact with during my community service to be very pleasant, friendly, hard working and best of all they took pride in their work. I’d have to say the best part of my service, was knowing that I was aiding the Nature Preservation Foundation in the restoration of the gardens, especially after the passage of hurricane Sandy. It was hard work but in the end it proved to be a fulfilling experience. However, in contrast, I would have to say that the worst part of my community service at the Royal Botanical Gardens was when Mr. Hall assigned me to rake the leaves beneath the Cannonball Tree, which he said is native to the Caribbean. The Cannonball Tree produces exotically beautiful flowers and has a magnificent aroma, but is tried and proven to be the worst tree to work with after the passage of a hurricane, or in
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