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Running head: Cesare Beccaria Crime and Punishment Cesare Beccaria And His Work Of Crime And PunishmentCesare Beccaria was born on March 15, 1738 in Milan Italy. He was trained at Catholic schools and achieved a doctor of law degree in 1758. He published Essay on Crimes and Punishments in 1764, which consisted of 42 short chapters to communicate his observations on the laws and justice system of his time. His writings consisted of a philosophy of punishment. He saw punishment as a means to an end, not an end to itself, and crime and prevention was more important than revenge.(Criminology Today pg. 59) Cesare's Background HistoryBorn into an Aristocratic family in Milan Italy on March 15, 1738, he was the eldest of four children. He was trained at Catholic schools and received his doctor degree of law in 1758. He married Teresa di Blasco against his parents wishes in 1761. At this time he had two close friends, Pietro and Alessandro Verri. Together they formed a society later known as “the academy of fists”. This group was “dedicated to waging relentless war against economic disorder, bureaucratic petty tyranny, religious narrow mindedness, and intellectual pedantry” ( Paolucci, pg.xii). He did write essays that his friends assigned him. His first publication was “ On Remedies for the Monetary Disorders of Milan in the Year 1762.” Beccaria's most noted essay “On Crimes and Punishment” was written with help of his friends. His friends recommended the topic and gave him the information and elaborated on the subject matter and arranged his written words together into a readable work. Beccaria had no experience or knowledge of the criminal justice system. “On Crimes and Punishment” was published in 1764, but Beccaria was worried about public backlash so he published it anonymously. But after it was received and accepted by the government he put his name under it.

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