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What attracts you to a role at CSC in your chosen area? Please detail why you have chosen CSC over other companies; and what has motivated you to apply for your chosen area of the business. Please give details of a time when you have had to motivate yourself to achieve a personal goal. What were you working to achieve; how did you motivate yourself; and what was the outcome? Please give details of a time when you have had to adapt to a significant change. The example you use can be personal, or can relate to academic or work situations. Please detail the situation; how you worked to adapt to the change; and what the outcome of the situation was. Please give details of a time when you have had to take a leadership role. What was the situation; what action did you take to lead a group; and what was the outcome? ------------------------------------------------- Purpose of a covering letter A lot of people tend to focus on their CV and slack off when it comes to the cover letter. This is a mistake as most employers will look at the cover letter first. Since most CVs look pretty similar it is here that you can make a real impression and differentiate yourself from other applicants. There are several things you need to aim for in a cover letter: Demonstrate knowledge of the business Demonstrate knowledge of the company you are applying to. Highlight your own unique selling points - picking out and developing the most important points from your CV. Make clear not only how the job can benefit you, but what you have to contribute to the company. ------------------------------------------------- Outline Introduction First, write your name and address in the top right hand corner. Cover letters should always be typed unless otherwise specified. Next, on the left hand side of the page, write the recruiter's name, job title and address. If you are not sure of
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