Crystallization of Phthalic Acid from Water (Microscale)

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Lab Report: Crystallization of phthalic acid from water (microscale) Abstract The 0.60 g of phthalic acid is put in a water solution, which is brought to a boil to dissolve the acid into water. After the solution was clear with just the rock visible the test tube solution is now cooled in ice and stirred till crystals appear. Excess water is then removed, then the adding of ethanol is done to separate the water from the crystals. Tube is then placed in a beaker of hot water which aids in the removal of the solvent. After drying the compound the percent recovery was found to be 70%. Introduction The sole purpose of this experiment is to be able to introduce crystallization, and show its purpose to purify solid organic compounds. The goal crystallization is to remove the impurities from the solid to allow a perfect crystal to form. In this experiment you will be able to determine the specific points of recrystallization and be able to see how to properly purify an organic compound and find the percent recovery. Experiment First, turn on the electrically powered sand bath. Add 0.60 of acid into a test tube then gradually add drops of water to the tube until the solution is covered. Then place the tube into the sand bath allowing it to boil. As boiling begins continue to add water until the entire solid is dissolved. After cork the test tube and clamp it as it cools, and observe the recrystallization process beginning. After the tube gets to about room temp, cool it in ice and stir the crystals. Then you should begin removing the excess water with the Pasteur pipette. After doing so the cool the tube in ice and add a few drops of ice-cold ethanol to the tube to remove the water from the crystals. Next, put the test tube in a beaker of water and place it in the sand bath. Once all the solvent is removed, use a stainless steel spatula to scrape the crystals onto a

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